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A Prayer for Our Time

Dear God,

You know we are created for community, not confinement.  We are greatly challenged in this time of isolation. Help us find new ways to create community and to retain the love that gives us life.

Thank you for technology that helps us continue to accompany one another around the world in work and in relationship.  Help us be creative in ways we can bring joy to one another.  

Be with all the people who are suffering, both with health concerns and with economic worry.  It is affecting so many people around us, not the least of which were already suffering through dislocation and poverty. 

Let us hope that out of this crisis, we become stronger and more resourceful.  May we encounter new ways of seeing and being in this world that can help humanity prosper. 

Remind us that you are near.  As the hymn goes, “We need thee every hour, oh precious Lord.” Keep opening us to staying in relationship with your fresh and lively spirit. 

Help us make some sense of this loss, this fear.  Help us face our own humanity through your presence, you who never sleeps, you who never stops loving us, you who accompany us in the most difficult times.  

Help us.  Heal us.  Heal our suffering.  Heal our communities. Heal our world.  

Let us say, “Thank you, and thank you, and thank you.”


Shared by Gretchen Castle, General Secretary of FWCC worldwide