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Note: The views and opinions expressed in these blogs are not necessarily those of the Friends World Committee for Consultation or any of its member Yearly Meetings

  • Quaker Quaker is a blog aggregator.'s primary audience is those Friends and seekers from all traditions who want to explore classic Quaker understandings of theology and practice and what challenges and inspiration these pose for us both as individuals and as Spirit-led twenty-first century Friends.
  • A Silly Poor Gospel "From a Quaker pastor presently parked in the no-man's land of the Q Continuum. I seek the full undiluted experience of the present Christ, and hope never to settle for anything less. What Margaret Fell called 'A Silly Poor Gospel.'"
  • Blogger by Convincement "For the past ten years, I've recognized writing as a Spirit-led creative process through which I come to know God, to understand God’s presence in my life, and to minister to others."
  • Gathering in Light The author "is the William R Rogers Director of Friends Center and Quaker Studies at Guilford College. Writing here about Quaker faith, participatory culture and pedagogy, Quaker faith, Christianity in the West & sketchnoting."
  • Are We Friends: Thoughts on Being Quaker in the 21st Century This blog by Joshua Brown focuses on how Quakers/Friends in the Midwest and elsewhere in the world can move forward during this time of change and transition. He hopes that Friends will find ways to come back together again, rather than hardening the lines of disagreement.
  • Holy Ordinary: the Sacraments of Everyday Life From "a Quaker minister, photographer, and author who is interested in everyday spirituality -- the ordinary which is wholly holy."
  • LA Quaker "Welcome to an eclectic blog by a Quaker peace activist, environmentalist and social justice advocate who is deeply concerned with spirituality, the Bible, interfaith peacemaking and much more. I am also very active with the FWCC, FCNL and other Quaker organizations and often write posts about what Quakers are doing here in California and around the world." The Friendly Seeker A birthright Friend in the unprogrammed tradition provides Quaker education and insights through reflections on current events and everyday experiences. Non-Quakers can get a view into Quaker thought and practice from this insider's perspective.
  • Quaker Ranter "...a Philadelphia-area Friend with a love of outreach and ministry and a passion for looking afresh at Friends' testimonies, language, and practices. He is editor of Friends Journal, the monthly Quaker magazine, and founder of, an online community for Convergent Friends."
  • What Canst Thou Say? "You will say Christ saith this, and the apostles say this, but what canst thou say?(Margaret Fell) Welcome to a relatively low- tech, Green, feminist, convergent Quaker blog. With lots of references to children and the occasional pie recipe. And a Christian conversion story, now in progress."
  • Out of Doubt Gregg Koskela is a husband, Dad, former third baseman, occasional fly-fisher, pastor of an evangelical Friends church in Oregon. “The older I get, the more desperate the world looks to me. To move forward courageously despite the outlook is moving to me…and as dark as these lines are, they result in a dawning of a new day. I choose to move forward, too…being as faithful as I am able to the leading of the One who calls me forward." Gregg recently filmed this QuakerSpeak video in partnership with FWCC:

    QuakerSpeak: Top 10 Reasons I am a Quaker

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