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Dear Friends,

Strong support from Friends like you made it possible for ten Spanish-speaking and eight English-speaking ministers in FWCC’s Traveling Ministry Corps to visit over 30 meetings in six countries in the Americas last year. Thank you for helping facilitate loving understanding among Friends from the Arctic to the Andes!

We are asking you to renew and, if possible, increase your support, so that our traveling ministers can benefit even more members of meetings and churches across all branches of Friends this year. 

You may know that:

“Throughout significant portions of Quaker history the traveling ministry has been the lifeblood of the Religious Society of Friends… In succeeding generations, as our religious society became settled … and as we became more geographically dispersed, the traveling ministry helped to provide needed communication between the various groups of Friends.… Traveling ministers were certified and trusted outsiders to the meeting’s “politics.” In this capacity they could be of enormous service to the community. Their ability to discern the spiritual health of the meeting, their mediating influence to reconcile differences, and their liberty to speak out on potentially difficult issues both spiritual and temporal were often very helpful to Friends.”
(Jonathan Vogel‐Borne, “Traveling in the Ministry”)

Traveling as a Quaker minister is amazing, demanding, full of surprises and moments of breathless beauty. It’s wrestling like Jacob with the midnight angel.

I spent six days visiting Friends in Denver with my husband Jonathan as elder. While there I led a retreat titled “Practical Spirituality in Times of Crisis.” I shared stories of how Quakers like Lucretia Mott (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting 19th century) and Jim Corbett (Intermountain Yearly Meeting 20th century) addressed the challenges of their own times. What can we as Quakers do to flourish in these times? We looked for common ground, practiced the two hands of non-violence, laughed during community building, and even learned a song composed by a Friend from Denver.

Meeting new Friends offers me times of gratitude-- I receive so, so much. I got five times more gifts than what I expected - the gift of 30 voices gathered in song, the gift of a new way to introduce worship, the gift of a five-year-old showing me how to eat a cherry tomato. When I held out my hand to eat the tomato properly, he quickly popped the tomato in his mouth. This angel made me chuckle. I learned an approach to welcoming to Meeting a person convicted of murder--a similar issue that my Meeting struggled with. Our two meetings are also grappling with questions ranging from “Why does someone bother to be a member?” to “Where are the young adults?” These gifts are heavenly gems gleaming as we open our tight hands.

Working within the embrace of FWCC, doors swing open wide. Strangers become friends. We accept our sharp edges and seek forgiveness. Through FWCC, love knits friends as family. I’m grateful for all the guiding angels and for FWCC.

In today’s complex world, it is just as important for Friends to meet "face-to-face and heart-to-heart" to share both that which unites and that which divides us in the life of the Spirit. This open exchange builds understanding, respect, trust and love, and, with God's help, renews awareness of the worldwide family of Friends.

Please join us in supporting FWCC with a generous contribution today! Every gift makes a difference in bringing Friends together in worship and consultation, in a world that urgently needs more integrity. More reconciliation. More love.

In God’s unending love,
Elizabeth Claggett-Borne, New England Yearly Meeting

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