Planning Online Annual Sessions: Ideas and Resources

Advice from those who have been there!

Southeastern Yearly Meeting has created a Virtual Gathering FAQs page with a wealth of information about the online gathering they held in April, including information about program priorities, logistics, training their volunteers and attenders in the use of Zoom, how they organized their sessions, and more. Check it out!

Kat Griffith and Becky Marty, co-clerks of Northern Yearly Meeting shared this reflection, Toward a Friendly Zoom Liturgy. Thinking somewhat liturgically about our sessions brings out some of the rhythm, richness and depth of our time together. Here are some elements that we included (and a couple that in hindsight we should have). Note that our comments focus mainly on business sessions, but that opportunities abound to build in “liturgy” in other aspects of an annual session.

FWCC’s Planning Online Annual Sessions: Sharing Experiences and Ideas

FWCC’s Planning Online Annual Sessions: Moving our Quaker Spaces Online

FWCC’s Planning Online Annual Sessions: Clerking Business Sessions Online

Logistics and Technical Aspects:

Clearly, this depends on what you are trying to do. Here are a few useful starting spots:

Online Clerking Resources:

Children and Youth Programming:

Sample programs: