The Answer is YES!

  • Can a traveling minister come visit my local, quarterly, or yearly meeting?
  • Can we request a specific traveling minister?
  • Can we work with the minister to determine the topic of focus and the format for his or her visit?
  • Can the traveling minister lead a workshop?
  • Can the traveling minister bring a message during programmed worship?
  • Can the traveling minister lead worship sharing on a pre-arranged topic?
  • Will FWCC pay for the minister’s travel to my area?
  • Is the traveling minister trained to work with the wide range of Quaker theologies and practices?
  • Are the traveling ministers gifted in and passionate about serving in the ministry?

Some other Frequently Asked Questions…

  • How is the visit paid for?
    FWCC pays for the minister’s travel to the area from donated funds and grants. The hosting church or meeting arranges and pays for local transportation, housing, and meals.
  • How is the visit arranged?
    FWCC helps set up the initial contact between the meeting or church and a traveling minister, keeping in mind the budget for the program. Then it is up to the meeting and the minister to arrange a mutually agreeable visit in terms topic, format, and timing. Please send a Traveling Ministry Request Form to to begin this process!
  • Does an elder accompany the traveling minister?
    The minister has the first choice of choosing a companion. However, FWCC will not pay for the companion’s travel expenses. There are times when the minister knows someone in the area who is able to serve. Otherwise, we seek the advice of the inviting churches and meetings as to who might be a local resource for this role. If there are other traveling ministers or program members nearby then they also may serve if all agree.
  • How are traveling ministers chosen?
    The Traveling Ministry Corps Program Group, part of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, accepts applications from interested Quakers throughout the Americas. The committee considers the applications, looking for people who gifted in and strongly led to offer the services of ministry, including healing, challenging, and nurturing our diverse Society of Friends.
  • What kind of training to traveling ministers receive?
    Before doing any travel with the TMC program, the traveling ministers are required to participate in a 3-4 day training led by ministers in the previous cohort and members of the TMC program group. This training includes explorations of all branches of Quakerism as well as cross cultural aspects requiring sensitivity. Training also includes information on protocols for travel and connections with host meetings as well as FWCC oversight.
    In an ongoing way throughout their period of service, the traveling ministers are expected to utilize their own faith communities and support communities. Participation in periodic peer support calls is encouraged and recommended readings are made available on the topics of traveling ministry and Quaker spirituality.
  • What support and feedback do ministers receive around specific ministry visits?
    An individual assigned for spiritual support and oversight is present throughout the ministry event. This individual can assist the minister in discernment of the message in an ongoing fashion. Hosting meetings and churches are asked to complete feedback forms after the visit.