World Quaker Day

2017 World Quaker Day

Worldwide|October 01, 2017

Gathering in Worship Around the Globe

Join Friends around the world in celebration of the Quaker faith. The theme this year is Gathering in Worship Around the Globe.

Here are a few ideas of ways to celebrate along with Friends around the world – some more complex than others! And please remember to tag us if you post on social media – #WQD17 #FWCC17 #FWCCAmericas

To see how Quakers around the world have marked WQD, check out

This handy flyer collects many of these ideas in one easy place! (Thanks to Judy Goldberger!)

Show a Video:

In 2016, FWCC Section of the Americas produced five videos in conjunction with QuakerSpeak. You can find all five videos, along with Religious Education materials that go with each video, by clicking here. The curricula were developed with the help of the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative.

Consider using one of the videos along with just the discussion questions; the full curriculum is also good, but can be long. These could be show before or after worship with a brief time of reflection and sharing. You might also ask Friends to write a word or image on a large poster with markers and crayons – don’t forget to share it on Facebook or Instagram.

Are You A Quaker video thumbnail


Where in the World Have You Worshipped?

There is a new FWCC map coming out in September! It will be sent out to all of the monthly meetings in the Section. You can also print out a copy using this pdf or this png link.

A fun way to mark World Quaker Day is to put the map up on a corkboard and hang it in the foyer or where you hold hospitality after meeting. Have push pins or pieces of tape available, and ask Friends to put their pins/tape to show where around the world they have worshipped. If you have a sharpie people can write their names on the tape, and it’s a great conversation starter during hospitality! It’s great to share stories of how Quakers worship in different parts of the US and around the world.


Try a Different Style of Worship

Speaking of ways that worship differs among Quakers, consider a foray into a new style for your meeting. If your church/meeting usually has programmed worship and is led by a pastor, try a semi programmed time of worship with 30 minutes of silent waiting. If you normally only have unprogrammed/silent worship, try having some readings, a song or spoken prayer before or after a time of open waiting.

It may help to have a printed description available for people about what the different types are and how they function.

Quaker Meeting and Me

The Quaker Religious Education Collaborative has also produced “Quaker Meeting and Me: A Guide For Children to Quaker Meeting for Worship”. This fun and colorful pamphlet is bilingual (English and Spanish), and there is a version for programmed and unprogrammed traditions. It would be a great book to read with children in first day school on October 1st! For more information, contact QREC.


Graphics (Links to Files below)

Use the World Quaker Day logo to create stickers and have them available for a few weeks ahead of time.

There’s also a banner that costs about $90 to print at Staples, which can be used for many years. It could be posted outside your meetinghouse to spread awareness and invite your community to celebrate with you.



These are just a few of many ways to help make World Quaker Day a truly wonderful celebration of the Religious Society of Friends around the globe. If you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to email me ( or post on our Facebook page!