Hubs for the FWCC World Plenary Meeting 2024

The 2024 World Plenary Meeting (WPM) will take place on site in South Africa and online. (See more general information about the WPM and register here) Some Friends will join the WPM online as individuals, and others in groups. We are describing groups of people joining the WPM (and the locations they are joining from) as hubs. Everyone who plans to attend your hub should be encouraged to register so they have access to advance materials here: Registration

A hub is any group of Friends joining the World Plenary Meeting online from another location, from a single internet connection. The group size could be from 3 to 300+, but in many cases will be about 10 or 20 people. They may participate in the complete WPM from August 5-12, 2024 or just in some sessions. You can register to become a hub here

What is needed to be a hub?

Firstly, a hub needs more than two people wanting to join the World Plenary Meeting from another place or country. On registration, we will ask for at least one person to be named as a facilitator/elder for the hub, and a second to be the tech lead. There will be a ‘tech rehearsal’ for tech leads prior to the World Plenary Meeting, and regular check-ins to see how it is going.For larger groups of people, we recommend that a hub has access to:

  • a projector, large screen or monitor
  • a laptop, or tablet
  • a reliable internet, WiFi or data connection
  • a reliable supply of electricity
  • speakers
  • a web camera
  • a microphone

A group of up to about five people could gather around a computer or tablet. They could use the computer screen, microphone, camera and speaker. For the best experience of the WPM, a larger group would need a larger screen, external speakers and an external microphone.

How can I receive support as a Hub?

Limited technical support, for example on connectivity issues, will be provided to hubs through by the World Plenary Meeting Tech Working Group. The contact information for support persons will be provided after your registration as a hub is approved.

  • If you require interpretation for you event, be aware that the World Plenary Meeting official languages include Spanish and Swahili. If you need interpretation in another language, we do recommend finding a local person able to attend your hub and participate in simultaneous interpretation during the event

For additional questions and answers about hubs, see this guide