Are You Ready for World Quaker Day?

This year it’s going to be October 1st. I look forward to it every year because of how it connects me and my meeting with the world family of Friends. You can celebrate wherever you are; the theme this year is Gathering in Worship Around the Globe.

Like World Quaker Day, the events, speakers, and newsletters of the Friends World Committee have brought the vibrant, loving family of Friends closer to us. FWCC opens our eyes and hearts to gifts we receive from those who share our values but express them in such a rich variety of ways. All these children of God have created a rich tapestry of love which regularly expands my understanding of Friends and the world.

The Section of the Americas collaborates with the other three Sections and the World Office to bring us all together. A great example is the new map of Friends Around the World. If you make a donation this month, we will send you a 2017 map along with your thank you note. Hang it up in your meetinghouse or your home. Use it to start a World Quaker Day discussion. Let it remind you to pray for Friends everywhere.

Did you know that 25% of all unrestricted gifts to the Section of the Americas is shared with the World Office? Your tax-deductible gift to the Section supports Friends globally.

Please join me in supporting FWCC. In order to keep this work going, I volunteer my time and I give money to FWCC. Your contribution is an important part of the work of knowing our Quaker neighbors.


Dorothy Grannell
New England Yearly Meeting


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Help your support of FWCC go further, while making contributing easier. Consider becoming an FWCC Sustainer with our automated giving program. When you register, your gift is transferred automatically from your bank or credit card to the FWCC on a monthly or quarterly basis. With this program you can eliminate check writing, bank fees and postage costs.


  • You provide FWCC with steady income all year long
  • You receive only one appeal letter a year
  • You can spread your tax-deductible contribution over the entire year
  • We reduce our administrative costs for fundraising and processing donations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the automatic gift plan work?

You can have a set amount transferred from your bank account, or from your VISA, Mastercard, or Discover card to FWCC on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How can I increase or decrease my gift amount?

Just contact FWCC and tell us your new amount.

Will I have a record of my contributions?

Besides your monthly checking account statement showing the date and amount of the transfer to FWCC, we will send you a year-end statement listing your donations.

What if I change my mind?

Just write us if you want to stop the automatic transfers or if you move or change banks. To change or cancel authorization, please let us know 15 days in advance of a scheduled transfer date.

How much can I give each month?

Any amount, but the minimum for processing efficiency is US$15 per month.

Can I donate from outside the United States?

We can accept international credit card transactions. Direct bank transfers must be drawn from US banks.

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