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Being Salt and Light: Excerpts from the Plenary Speeches from the 2012 World Conference of Friends held in Kenya

Autor: Friends World Committee for Consultation
Resumen: Excerpts from plenary speeches given at the historic World Conference of Friends that took place at Kabarak University in Kenya in April 2012. Over 850 Friends from 51 countries around the world gathered to worship, sing, dance, hear talks, participate in workshops, and learn from each other.
País: Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Cuba, New Zealand, Britain, USA, Rwanda, Burundi
Año de publicación WQF: 2013
Editor: WQF

Beyond Stewardship of Nature: Friends and the "Great Story"

Autor: Doris Ferm
Resumen: A Friend in her 80's offers a broad and challenging framework for considering our place in the world.
País: USA
Año de publicación WQF: 2010
Editor: Wider Quaker Fellowship

God's Earth, Our Choices

Autor: Stephen Collett, Keza-Kubi, Silas M.; Yujra Ticona, Bernabé; Smith, Gillian
Resumen: A panel presentation by four Friends on 'The Light Of God's Creation," at the 1994 FWCC Triennial held at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.
País: Bolivia, Tanzania, UK, USA
Año de publicación WQF: 1994
Editor: FWCC

Selections from Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices

Autor: Laurie Picard, Andreas Brand
Resumen: Young adult Quakers from a variety of theological backgrounds share ecological concerns
País: USA, Korea, Sweden, Britain
Año de publicación WQF: 2010
Editor: QuakerPress of FGC

The Cool Green Hills of Earth

Autor: Elizabeth Watson
Resumen: "Sermon preached at Mohawk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY." Friend from New England YM pleads for human beings to show respect for God and the planet and to live more ecologically centered lives.
País: USA
Año de publicación WQF: 1990
Editor: WQF

Trees and the Forest: Story and Trustori in Quaker Faith and Practice

Autor: Rpb Pierson
Resumen: Friends environmental testimony explored through an examination of spiritually transformative stories, and following the inspiriation of Wangari Maathai, Kenyan environmentalist
País: USA
Año de publicación WQF: 2013
Editor: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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