Seeing the Tapestry – QuakerSpeak videos and curricula

Seeing the Tapestry – QuakerSpeak videos and curricula

We are pleased to present all five of the QuakerSpeak – FWCC videos collected in one place, along with the Religious Education curricula that go along with each.

We are so happy with how these videos turned out, and the success with which they have been greeted, garnering many “views” and positive feedback from those who have watched and used the videos. “Are You A Quaker” is on track to be one of the most-watched QuakerSpeak videos yet!

If you do use one of these videos as part of your religious education classes at your church or meeting, please take a moment to complete our brief survey. This will help us plan for any future videos!

Video #1 – Listening in Tongues – Being Bilingual as a Quaker Value

Curriculum – Listening in Tongues

Video #2 – How Many Quakers are there in the World? And Where are They?

Curriculum – How Many Quakers Are There?

Video #3 – Top Ten Reasons I am a Quaker

Curriculum – Top Ten Reasons I am a Quaker

Video #4 – How Do Quakers Approach Sustainability Work?

Curriculum – Quakers and Sustainability

Has your monthly meeting or annual meeting responded to the sustainability meeting? Let us know how!

Video #5 – Are You A Quaker?

Curriculum – Are You a Quaker?

Many thanks to our partners: Friends Publishing Corporation, Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, Friends International Bilingual Center, New England Yearly Meeting, and the Thomas H. and Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund.

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