October 2017 E-news: Host a Visitor

October 2017
Have You Noticed?
GrayDear Robin,

It’s been three years since our Strategic Plan, now called “Weaving the Tapestry 2015-2023,” was approved by the Section’s Executive Committee.

In that time, we have refocused our work on a more coherent set of programs in line with the strategic issues we identified in 2014. Some are new and some have been going on for years:

Our 2017 Annual Report is now available on our website, if you’d like to read about our accomplishments over the past fiscal year. If you’d like to refresh your memory about the strategic plan, it is also available here. If you’d like to comment on our work and our directions, please visit our Facebook page.
We look forward to hearing from you!
In friendship,
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Robin Mohr
Executive Secretary

Applications for Traveling Ministry Corps – DEADLINE EXTENDED
Applicants of all ages, from any affiliated yearly meeting, are encouraged to consider this calling. More information about the program is included with the application form – click on the button below.
FWCC accepts applications from Friends who express concerns that are deeply rooted in the Spirit, and who can transcend differences and division to seek broader unity in the Light. FWCC provides training, support, and accountability for those Friends who are chosen to travel in this ministry. Funding is available to support the travel expenses of the members of the Traveling Ministry Corps.
Given the brief window for new applications to be received, reference letters from clearness committees or pastors or other releases to travel in the ministry will not be required at time of application but must be received by November 15, 2017.
For more information, visit the Traveling Ministry Corps web page. The link to the application is below.

Apply Now!

Consider FWCC in Your Estate Planning
We are always grateful to receive checks or electronic contributions from Friends who support FWCC, but there may be other creative ways to support FWCC financially that haven’t occurred to you!
For example, life insurance is a surprisingly versatile and powerful way to make a substantial future gift to FWCC with relatively small immediate out-of-pocket cost to you. If you have a whole life or “paid up” life insurance policy, and it is no longer needed to support your family, consider naming FWCC SoA as the beneficiary of the policy, meaning that FWCC would receive the policy’s death benefit when you pass away. While there are no immediate tax benefits to this giving strategy, the value of the policy will be removed from your estate for estate tax purposes.
Alternatively, you could consider transferring ownership of a policy to FWCC.  In this case FWCC would receive the policy’s death benefit upon your death, and you would receive a current income tax deduction plus a deduction for any future premiums you might pay. These are only two of a longer list of giving strategies with life insurance that could leverage unneeded life insurance to support FWCC.  For a personal consultation about these and other strategies that may benefit you AND the Quaker organization you love, contact Robin Mohr at 215-241-7157 or robinm@fwccamericas.org.

Giving to FWCC

World Quaker Day Celebrations

Friends near and far have shared stories and images about their wonderful World Quaker Day events! Thank you to everyone who planned an activity or found a special way to mark this day.

Hopefully these images from Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, and the United States will inspire your activities next year!

For more photos and stories, go to our Facebook group or the World Quaker Day site.

World Quaker Day

Host a Minister

Our Traveling Ministers have been visiting and connecting with meetings and churches across the section, from West Richmond, Indiana to Jamaica Yearly Meeting! This weekend, Emily Provance is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and next week Chuck Schobert travels to New England.

If your meeting or church is interested in hosting a Traveling Minister, please visit our website for information. You can find the application for your meeting to fill out, as well as information about each member of the 2017 Traveling Ministry Corps.