September E-News: World Quaker Day is October 1

September 2017
World Quaker Day is Almost Here
Over the next few weeks here in Philadelphia, we will be enjoying  my favorite time of the year: early autumn. It is also the lead-up to World Quaker Day, one of FWCC’s important events, which Friends celebrate on the first Sunday in October (October 1st this year!)

We have been preparing by reaching out to FWCC Representatives and Friends around the Section, sharing ideas about how to mark this international holiday. From sunrise worship to Quaker Scavenger hunts, there are fun, simple, and spiritual ways to honor the connections we have to the branches of Quakerism around the world.

We have also designed materials to help spread the word about World Quaker Day and to make participating as easy as possible. Read below about some of the ways you can put these materials to good use, and find them all gathered on our WQD page.

We invite you to join in this special day this year. Take a moment to share a picture or tell us about a moment you enjoyed on our Facebook page, and see how other Friends celebrated. We hope that you will continue into the Fall feeling reinvigorated by the light of Friends near and far.

In friendship,

Blythe Davenport
Coordinator for Communications and Administration

Are you ready?
The deadline is fast approaching for applications to join the 2018 cohort of the Traveling Ministry Corps! Download the application form today and ask your meeting, pastor, or clearness committee for a letter of support.
FWCC will accept applications from Friends in affiliated yearly meetings who express concerns that are deeply rooted in the Spirit, and who can transcend differences and division to seek broader unity in the Light. FWCC will provide training, support, and accountability for those Friends who are chosen to travel in this ministry. Funding is available to support the travel expenses of the members of the traveling ministry corps.
Local Friends Churches, Monthly and Yearly Meetings in the Americas can request a traveling minister at any time this year using the easy form at Host meetings are asked to provide housing, meals and other local arrangements for their visiting ministers.
Our expectation is that ministers will be in the program for 2 years, starting with a training retreat in March. During the program, the person will be expected to travel in the ministry a minimum of 4 times a year. This service is voluntary and not meant to replace a person’s regular employment. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and the person is not expected to pay for any of the costs of their travel including housing and meals.
The application deadline is September 30, 2017.

Apply Now!

An Invitation to Sustain FWCC’s Work
We all respond to giving opportunities in varied ways. We get excited while attending an event or reading about how the work makes a difference in someone’s life. It’s no surprise that FWCC sees a rise in giving in the months following a Section Meeting. Enthusiastic Friends, giving in response to our events and stories, are vital to the development efforts of the Friends World Committee.
But in the 23 months between Section Meetings, sustaining donors provide the constant support that lets us shepherd the work along.
In 2017, the Development Working Group has launched an initiative to expand the sustainer base of FWCC to over 100 members by the end of the year. We hope you will consider becoming one too! There are many benefits to both sides – donor and receiver – to signing up for a monthly donation.
Becoming a sustainer gives you the opportunity to contribute and participate in this support. Your donation goes further by saving money on postage, administration, and online processing fees. And you’ll only receive one appeal letter from us each year, cutting down on the resources that we use.
For FWCC, being able to rely on consistent donations gives us security as well as a sense that our work is truly valued between our events and contacts. And that has worth beyond dollar amounts.
Becoming a sustainer is easy – just click the link below, or call the Section of the Americas office at 215-241-7250. We invite you to become a sustainer today!

Giving to FWCC

World Quaker Day Celebrations

World Quaker Day is just over two weeks away – have you thought about how you’ll celebrate this year?

If not, we’ve got you covered! We have been working with Friends and FWCC Representatives to gather ideas, resources and materials on our website for you to use. From fun, easy plans like a sunrise worship session to something more in-depth like curricula for religious education classes at your church or meeting, there is something for everyone.

World Quaker Day is an international event, and one that highlights the connections between Friends who observe our shared faith in different ways. The Friends World Committee is charged with the important mission of crossing the barriers of language and belief to form real connections between people. World Quaker Day is a day that brings us together in a meaningful way.

We hope that the videos and ideas on our website will inspire you to participate in ways big and small. We look forward to hearing how your meeting marked World Quaker Day this year!

World Quaker Day

Where in the World Are Quakers?

The World Office has been working with the four Sections to produce the updated map of Quakers Around the World. The last map was produced in 2012, and in five years, Friends have moved and new worship groups have formed. A cautionary note about numbers: Every meeting counts its membership differently, and given our non-hierarchical relationship with yearly meetings, we work with what we get. This map is primarily useful for seeing the broad geographical spread and the relative distribution of Friends around the world.

Take a sneak peek at the image below!

The map is being sent out with our September appeal to meetings and churches in the Section of the Americas. And individual donors will receive a copy with their thank you letters. It gives a snapshot of where in the world Quakers and attenders live today.

One great way to celebrate World Quaker Day is to hang up a copy of the map at your meeting and provide pushpins for Friends to mark Where in the World they have Worshipped. If your map hasn’t arrived, the image below (or this pdf) can be printed and used for this purpose. How far have you traveled to worship with other Quakers? How many meetings or churches have you visited, and what branches of Quakerism have you worshipped with?