March E-News: Gathering and Peace

March 2017
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.
In the office we are all busily preparing for the 2017 Section Meeting. I ask for your prayers and well wishes for those who will be traveling to Stony Point, as well as for the Latin American Friends whose visas have been denied. It is a sadness for all of us when this happens, and we will feel their absence keenly.
 We know that we have many ways to serve. Central American Friends like to sing, “Brillo en el sitio dondes estes,” (“Brighten the place where you are!”) How wonderful to know that we don’t have to leave home to serve God. But we long for the day when the will of God will be fulfilled on earth as it is in heaven.
Robin Mohr

In friendship,

Robin Mohr signature

Robin Mohr
Executive Secretary

Seeing the Tapestry – QuakerSpeak Videos and Curricula

We are pleased to present all five of the 2016 videos produced in partnership between QuakerSpeak and FWCC Section of the Americas, all collected in one place along with their religious education curricula! Now it is easier than ever to use these videos in your meeting or church, or to share with seekers you know.

If you do use these videos, or share them on social media, please take this quick survey to let us know your feedback. This will help us plan for any future content we produce!

Section Meeting – Advance Documents and Devotionals

The Section Meeting rapidly approaches! We have started gathering reports from our program groups and administrative committees ahead of the gathering. Click here or go to our Events page to view and print the documents.

Whether you are coming to the Section Meeting or not, we are very pleased to share with you three devotionals written by three Latin American Friends and translated into English. These prayerful writings also include queries to guide readers as you prepare spiritually ahead of the Section Meeting, but are also useful in your meeting, your family, or for personal reflection.

Young Adult Friends in Bolivia Open Friends Center

by Emma Condori Mamani

The “Friends International Bilingual Center” opened its doors in 2015 to an intergenerational population. The Center, located in La Paz, Bolivia, is working to carry on the work of providing quality Quaker Christian education through its four programs: Language, Translation, Workshop and Seminar, and the Children’s Program.
In the Language Program, our English students have a passion to communicate with other Friends across the world, and many plan to be missionaries. The Children’s Program had more than a dozen participants last year; they talked about themes such as climate change and caring for our planet by focusing on biblical texts. While our work with children has been interesting at the Friends Center, we have felt honored seeing a diverse group of university students, professionals, pastors and leaders in the Workshop and Seminar Program. National and international participants attended the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop in 2016, which has been held at the Center several times so far. The Translation Program that unites us with the wider Quaker community fulfilled its goal by translating Quaker literature into Spanish. Our translated curriculums for Sunday schools are available thanks to ourpartnership with the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative, and we also translated the curricula and subtitles for the QuakerSpeak videos made in partnership with FWCC Section of the Americas.
The Center provides an opportunity to be gathered in the presence of the Holy Spirit to bear witness to our beliefs through action.  Many of our participants and volunteers feel part of a welcoming Bolivian Quaker community. One of our volunteers said, “When you walk into Friends International Bilingual Center, you are really walking into a second home.”

For more information, visit our website or watch our video!