August E-nEws: We Need Each Other

August 2017
We Need Each Other.

This month has been a powerful refresher for me. An opportunity to consider why I do this work bringing Friends together and how to encourage more people to join us. As the news surrounds us, both international and intra-Quaker politics, it is a reminder that we need each other. We need to be God’s loving arms and helping hands, walking together on this Earth. Every day.
With divine assistance, the Friends World Committee can be a holy magnet to bring diverse Friends together. How are you using your magnetic force in your community?
Robin Mohr

In friendship,

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Robin Mohr
Executive Secretary

Traveling Ministry Corps

What Is an IRA Rollover?
In 2015, after years of last-minute temporary renewals, Congress finally passed legislation allowing people age 70 1/2 or older to make donations to charitable organizations directly from their IRAs, without first claiming the IRA distribution as taxable income. Called a “Charitable Rollover,” or a “Qualified Charitable Distribution,” the advantage of making the direct transfer from an IRA to an organization like FWCC is that the distribution doesn’t have to be counted as part of your adjusted gross income (AGI) and subsequently deducted as a charitable gift. A lower AGI means that you don’t risk paying a Medicare high-income surcharge, and could also mean that less of your Social Security benefits are taxable. And with a charitable rollover you don’t need to itemize your deductions to get a tax benefit from your gift, since the distribution isn’t counted as income and subject to income tax.
There are some important rules to keep in mind regarding the IRA Charitable Rollover, however. You must be at least 70 1/2 at the time of the transfer, and you cannot transfer more than $100,000 tax-free each year. Distributions can only be made from traditional IRA accounts or Roth IRAs, and charitable contributions from the IRA must be payable directly from the IRA trustee to an eligible public charity such as FWCC. If the funds are made payable to the IRA owner at the time of the distribution, and THEN paid to the charitable organization, the gift will not be recognized as a charitable rollover.
If you are interested in knowing more about an IRA Charitable Rollover and whether it might be a tax advantageous way to support FWCC, call the FWCC office and ask to speak with Robin Mohr.

Giving to FWCC

Show a QuakerSpeak Video on World Quaker Day – or this First Day!

World Quaker Day is a Friends World Committee event that takes place on the first Sunday in October. All Friends, attenders, and seekers are invited! It’s simply a day to bring awareness of the worldwide family of Friends to your home meeting or church.

There are many fun and easy ways to do this, including posting flyers, singing a song from another part of the world, or inviting Friends to talk about the various countries where they’ve attended meeting – and the different ways Quakers worship.

One resource FWCC has created is a series of QuakerSpeak video collaborations, each with religious education curricula that can be tailored for different age groups or time allotments. All of the videos are collected in our website, along with the curricula. Click the link below to find the video that is right for your meeting.

And remember – these aren’t *just* for World Quaker Day! These are resources that can be used during First Day School all year long.