February E-News: FWCC + QuakerSpeak = Connection

February 2017
I think I’m a Quaker! Now what do I do?
Have you ever encountered someone, online or in person, who had just read something about Quakers and who immediately felt a sense of connection? Was that you?
Our latest QuakerSpeak video, “Are You A Quaker?” is for all those people. Think you might be a Quaker? Watch the video to find out!
If you’d like to use the video in a program at your meeting or church about welcoming visitors, the lesson plan for adults or children is now available on our website.
I think it’s really important for Friends to make it easier for people to find us, to talk to and worship with real live Quakers. www.fwccdirectory.org is a searchable list of Quaker meetings to help you out.
Our partnership with QuakerSpeak and the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative has helped us develop new tools for sharing our faith and living up to the Light we’ve been given.
Let us know whenever you use one. Tell us how it went by filling out this little online survey.
Robin Mohr

In friendship,

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Robin Mohr
Executive Secretary

Are You Hoping to Raise Funds for Travel to the Section Meeting?

by Jane Snyder, member of our Development Committee

In 1982, my husband, Joe Snyder, was in graduate school and was a representative from North Pacific Yearly Meeting to the Friends World Committee. He hoped to attend a World Triennial in Kenya, held at the Friends Bible Institute in Kaimosi. We were a no-income family at the time, and NPYM paid the conference registration, but not the plane fare.
As Joe and I started researching how to raise the money for a plane ticket, I discovered the fundraising campaign of Arlene Blum, who led the first women’s expedition to climb Annapurna in 1978. She had a slogan for fundraising – “A Woman’s Place Is On Top” – and raised $80,000!
I was a stay-at-home mother with a two-year-old and an infant. While our girls were napping, I silk screened t-shirts to sell at Quarterly and Yearly Meeting with the sales pitch, “Send Joe to the F.B.I.”, and not only had fun, but raised the money for the plane fare. Our toddler could say, “Papa went up in sky in airplane to see elephants!” 30 years later, Joe and I got to go together to the 6th World Conference in Kenya.
Then and now, older Friends want to encourage younger Friends to have the experience of meeting Quakers from other Yearly Meetings and other worshipping traditions. Attenders are inspired and make amazing friendships through worship and fellowship, as well as connections for witness and service for a world in great need.
There are so many creative ways to raise money, and they are amplified by online tools: Dinner fundraiser? Auction? Car wash? Used book sale? Ice bucket challenge? Kickstarter? Etsy? It takes a little more time, but it is well worth it in the end. I hope that those who need financial assistance will ask and will be rewarded by encouragement and support from their monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings.
Charitable IRA Rollover – Another Way to Support FWCC Section of the Americas

by Gayle Matson, clerk of our Development Committee

Many Friends are just reaching the age when they are required to begin taking distributions from their IRAs or other retirement plans, and are finding that this additional income can have some adverse tax consequences for them.  Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly from your IRA to FWCC is a great way for Friends over 70 1/2 who are needing to meet a Required Minimum Distribution to make a gift to the Section. The money you contribute using a QCD is not included in your adjusted gross income on your tax return and therefore offers several advantages over a simple charitable contribution.
A Qualified Charitable Contribution means that the IRA distribution is not included in your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), thus avoiding federal and state income tax on the distribution, along with additional “indirect” taxes such as an increased amount of your Social Security benefit subject to income tax, income-related surcharges on Medicare Part B and Part D premiums, and a higher threshold for the deductibility of medical expenses and miscellaneous itemized deductions.
There are some specific requirements for the QCD, however. A donor must be at least 70 1/2 and the distribution must be paid directly to FWCC from the IRA. If you wish to discuss the advantages of a QCD for you, or you would like help arranging for a QCD with FWCC as a beneficiary, please contact the FWCC office.
2017 Section Meeting – Registration is Open!

Register now for the 2017 Section Meeting!

Go to our Section Meeting page to register and find travel and program information.
Advance documents will also become available by the end of February.