November E-News: We rise to do the work laid out for us

November 2016
Living Peace through our challenges
Dear Friends,

I trust you have heard the saying, “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” This month has been difficult in many ways, some of which you will read about below. This week I am grateful for the support of the other FWCC Secretaries around the world.
As Churchill Malimo, Executive Secretary for the Africa Section, wrote to our group this morning, “For the American Friends, I feel they have an opportunity to be agents of healing in that community. I am just wondering if there are notes that Friends Church Peace Teams can share with our American Friends in this regard.”
I hope we can learn from African Friends as we prepare for our Section Meeting theme, Vivir La Paz-Living Peace (John 16:33) I look forward to working with Friends around the world in new ways in the coming year.
Robin Mohr signature

Robin Mohr
Executive Secretary, FWCC Section of the Americas

Section of the Americas Announces Green Fund Initiative

In keeping with the Living Sustainably and Sustaining Life on Earth Minute approved at the 2016 International Representatives Meeting in Peru, the Section of the Americas is pleased to announce the creation of a Green Endowment Fund.

This new fund seeks contributions from Friends who wish to help ensure the ongoing support of the Section’s work, with assurance that their gift will be invested in a fund that is screened for Quaker values and is fossil fuel free, with a portion of the portfolio specifically invested in alternative energy and green technology.

To make a contribution to this new fund, click on the Donate Now link below, and indicate that you are contributing to the Green Endowment Fund.

Doing God’s Work
The Section of the Americas is blessed by Friends who give generously and creatively. As you prepare to make your end-of-year charitable contributions, we are excited to announce a unique giving opportunity made possible by Nancyrose Logan. Nancyrose, an award-winning artist, and a member of the Executive Committee, is offering prints of a watercolor she painted for donors who give over $1,000 to the Section of the Americas before the end of 2016.
The painting is entitled, “Images of God.” Nancyrose invites viewers to prayerfully open their imaginations to capture reflections of the Divine revealed through her work.
“What do you think God looks like? What does the image of these powerful Light filled hands say to you? Are they your hands doing God’s work, filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with the Light within? Or, are they the hands of God or Jesus healing you and loving you? What does the circle of Light say to you?  If you keep looking you will find more…”   –

– Nancyrose Logan

The size of the artwork with matting will be 16″x20″ and printed on watercolor paper. The prints will be shipped to donors by mid-January.
We hope many Friends will take advantage of this giving opportunity. However, you may notify us at the time of your donation of you do not wish to receive the print. FWCC-SOA is thankful for the generosity of all Friends who faithfully support the work of connecting and serving Friends of varying traditions and cultures.
Giving Tuesday – November 29th!
After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes the day that will make you feel great – Giving Tuesday! Show your support for FWCC Section of the Americas by clicking the link below and making a donation on the 29th – or any day!
[And if you are starting your holiday shopping, it helps to mark FWCC as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile!]
Section Meeting 2017 – Location Change
We are looking forward to the Section Meeting next March, and we hope you are too!  The meeting was supposed to take place at the Gilmary Retreat Center near Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately, we have just learned that the retreat center is closing shortly, so they can no longer host our meeting.  We hope to have details for a new site by the end of November.
Therefore, registration will open later than planned, so keep an eye on the website for updates.
Although we are working to keep the same March dates in the greater Pittsburgh area, there are no guarantees at this point. If anyone has another retreat location or idea to offer, please contact the Conference Managers (
Please hold in the Light all of those involved in the search for a new site for our  2017 Section Meeting; especially the section staff and the conference managers.
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